At Faith Mountain Christian Academy we believe that children should be provided a comprehensive educational experience focused on a Biblical perspective. Students are always encouraged to pursue the most challenging course of studies that the Lord has enabled them to handle and we strive to provide the tools to accomplish that goal. At the same time, we realize that not all students are prepared to learn at the same rate. Our approach and small teacher to student ratio allows us to provide individualized support to meet each pupil's individual needs.

The curriculum at FMCA primarily includes instructional materials produced by Bob Jones University Press ( and ABeka Books ( Our goal is to teach our students each subject from a Biblical, character-building viewpoint. Daily Bible classes and weekly chapel services are an integral part of our program.

Kindergarten (K-5)

This program lays the foundation for the elementary program, establishing the principles of
reading, writing, spelling, Bible memorization, mathematics, and introduction of science and
social studies. The kindergarten is also involved in weekly music, physical education, art, and

Elementary, Grades 1-5

This is a complete program of study with Bible, reading, spelling, grammar, writing,
mathematics, history, science, music, physical education, art, and chapel.

Junior High, Grades 6-8

This program consists of instruction in Bible, English, mathematics, history, science, geography,
computer keyboarding and word processing, physical education, health, music, and chapel.

Senior High, Grades 9-12

FMCA High School curriculum is based upon the traditional college preparatory, Christian liberal
arts model. All courses are offered based upon availability of instructor, materials, and
scheduling. On-line options are available to ensure that students have challenging and
appropriate academic options available to meet their individual academic needs.