Faith Mountain Christian Academy is currently accepting enrollment applications for the 2023-24 school year for grades K-12. Please contact the school office if you'd like to receive and enrollment packet.

Tuition Rate 2023-2024

Registration is non-refundable, a $75.00 Registration fee per student is to be returned with the completed application. This fee secures your child's classroom assignment once all admission requirements have been met satisfactorily.

Tuition for the 2023-2024 school year is all inclusive. This means all fees are included in your monthly payment.

Child #1
Grades K-8 - $4,500.00
Grades 9-12 - $4,700.00

Child #2
Grades K-8 - $4,050.00
Grades 9-12 - $4,230.00

Child #3
Grades K-8 - $3,600.00
Grades 9-12 - $3,800.00

Child #4*
Grades Pre K to 8th - $1,000.00
Grades 9-12 - $1,000.00

*More than 4 children enrolled have the same discounted rate.

Enrollment Process

Please call the school for an information packet and to schedule a visit with Mr. Ord and Mrs. Ransom.

Scholarships (available for residents of Pennsylvania only):

  • CEC Of America
  • Commonwealth Charitable Management

*At this time, there are not any available scholarships for New York Residents.